“Why the Fuss?” Explained

“Why the Fuss?” ExplainedFirst-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (FGARs) were developed in the 1940s and are considered "multiple dose" rodenticides, because they typically require multiple feedings by a rodent over time to obtain a lethal dose. Second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs) were developed in response to resistance issues reported with the FGARs, primarily warfarin.  CA Department of Pesticide [...]

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What about Crack and Crevice Treatments for Bed Bugs?

Preparing for a bed bug job is a task on its own.  Let’s start with the amount of hours spent training technicians prior to any job, then the equipment, and even contract modifications or the creation of a specialized new one.  How many hours would you say you need to train your top-tier and key [...]

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Fast-Acting Rodent Baits

Many times people think that fast-acting rodent bait means a larger amount of active ingredients, the “more is better” way of thinking. When it comes to rodenticides with an active ingredient like Bromethalin in our Top Gun™ Baits, this is not the case. Top Gun™ Bait is a product that disrupts energy at a cellular [...]

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J.T. Eaton Celebrates Eight Decades of Excellence

Three generations of the Baker family have led the Twinsburg, Ohio-based manufacturer. July 20, 2012 - PCT MagazineTWINSBURG, OH — Founded in 1932 by Jasper T. Eaton, J.T. Eaton & Co., started as a mail-order house for pest control products. Stanley Z. Baker purchased the company in 1949, and put the company on the path for [...]

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Trouble with Gophers?

Trouble with Gophers?Gophers are non-social animals (except during breeding season) and have a territory range of 200 to 2200 sq. ft.--so one gopher can cause plenty of damage in a short period of time.Let’s review a few facts:Gophers do not hibernate and are active year-roundThey can be active at all hours of the dayIn irrigated areas a [...]

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