Bed Bugs

ClimbUP Insect Interceptor – Now Available at JT Eaton!

    CLIMBUP® MAKES MONITORING BED BUGS EASY.  USE CLIMBUP® UNDERNEATH FURNITURE LEGS AND EVEN A VERY LOW-LEVEL INFESTATION WILL BE VISIBLE.     ORDER YOUR CLIMBUP® PRODUCTS TODAY!  ClimbUP® Original   SKU: C1072  12 per box, 6 boxes per case  White exterior climbing surface  6” diameter, 1” height, 3 ¾” center well diameter      SKU: C1144  [...]

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All New From JT Eaton!

 Check Out the Latest in Pest Management Products  Bait Blocks for Rodents and Ticks   Kills listed rodents and their black-legged ticks. Bait contains a rodenticide to kill the listed rodent and an insecticide to kill black-legged ticks on the rodent.  Active ingredient Warfarin 0.025% Active ingredient Fipronil 0.005%            CLICK HERE [...]

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