The amount of training that’s available is incredible! Give a homework assignment to your techs for fun, prizes or just to improve their knowledge. It’s a great investment and gives them a better understanding of the importance of their job in society.

Refreshing them with some of the basics of equipment, entomology, exclusion techniques, pesticide application, bird control and rodent control is a money-making proposition for all levels in your company–including office personnel.

To give you an example of some types of training, visit our web site at Discover our product training videos, or visit our webinar section that has information on food processing, gopher control or bedbug training. also has tons of programs you can check out at your convenience. Local seminars offered by your area distributors and pest association meetings are also fantastic resources.

Try pulling up University websites and give specific links to your techs to review about termites, scorpions or packrats and their
characteristics.  Knowledge of each can help speed up the estimating process on any given job.

The homework part: Give techs homework by asking them read over a particular page on a website and follow it up with a 10 question test (that you put together) the next morning. This will help them understand more about their industry. You should also give them a test after spending the time (and expense) of having them at a seminar to see just how much they learned.

Challenging someone to do better is good for everyone—your business, the tech, and the customer!

James Rodriguez
Territory Manager
J.T. Eaton Co., Inc.
(818) 640-4587