With Risk Mitigation protocol descending upon us, changing our baiting application to less than 50 feet away from the structure will be the “new” baiting procedure.
Having an action plan in place to begin the conversion, and being aware of the various trapping stations, can save you money and may fit into your current program to maintain and service your accounts.

Devices to consider for Rats:

Hard Plastic Bait Stations
• J.T. Eaton #903TP Rat Fortress™: Holds 2 mouse glue boards or 2 Jawz™ rat size snap traps (item 410B)

Trapping Stations
• J.T. Eaton #401STS Snap Trap Station: Made of metal and can hold 2 wood snap traps or 2 Jawz™ rat size snap traps

Disposable Stations
• J.T. Eaton #901 Safe-Tee™ Plastic Bait Station: Thin plastic station made to hold a J.T. Eaton #177 glue board and fits a single Jawz™ rat size snap trap.

Increasing the frequency of visits when trapping more than 50 feet away from a structure will increase your cost, so start considering pricing adjustments, and plan on notifying your customers of this change soon.

James Rodriguez
Territory Manager
J.T. Eaton Co., Inc
(818) 640-4587