“Change is inevitable” as the quote goes, but in the Pest Control industry adapting to the changes that are caused by new laws and label changes seems to be a slower process for some.

Examples of recent changes: the limitations and required documentation to use Fumitoxin (and its 100 ft. rule) and the Risk Mitigation Decision which limits your baiting programs to within 50 feet of a structure.  Both are drastic changes that have greatly affected our industry.

Creating change in your company should be a step-by-step process and be easy to duplicate.   Manufacturers’ labels change all the time; having a current label and MSDS sheet and creating a fast and simple process to keep your label books current is one of the first steps to a successful program.  Other ways to learn more about upcoming changes and keeping in compliance are;

  •  Attending Pest Control Industry-related meetings and join AZPPO; this is how Manufacturers get out their information quickly.
  •  Subscribe to Industry-related email, newsletters, blogs and pest control magazines.
  •  When purchasing products, or when seeing your distributors, ask them about any changes that may be coming.
  •  Mark your calendar to dedicate several days (or more) for training. Rain-days, in-house training or last day of the month training work well.
  •  Schedule visits with your distributors or manufacturers’ representatives to ask “what’s new” and are there “any changes” is as simple as an email or phone call these days.

Knowing what alternatives are available when a product becomes too restrictive to use (or when one is banned from use altogether) will keep your company flowing with uninterrupted business.   The step-by-step process always starts off the same: knowing what you’re up against, keeping informed, implementing change, and making sure you meet or exceed all legal requirements.

James Rodriguez
Territory Manager, J.T. Eaton
Direct (818) 640-4587