Estimating a Rodent Job:

Fact: The better you get at writing an estimate for a rodent control job, the better your chances of solving a problem long-term and the more money you’ll make.

As PMPs we’re trained in chemical application, vehicle safety, personal safety, equipment maintenance, and insect biology to name just a few areas, but what about writing a great rodent estimate?

Have you ever seen a good body shop do an estimate?  The time they allot to performing a detailed inspection to find every imperfection and damage to every piece of trim or molding, and every screw or bolt, is amazing.  If they get it wrong the shop loses money, and they know it!  Taking this approach to writing an estimate for rodent exclusion, or a trapping job, you should mirror an auto body shop for several reasons:

  • Allot the right amount of time to do the estimate  and avoid rushing through the inspection
  • Noting all the different materials needed to complete the job keeps you from wasting time going to hardware stores
  • Allowing time in your schedule to review your inspection with the customer will give you enough time to lock-in the job
  • Having a professional-looking estimate sheet that you leave behind with the customer (covering the basic details of the job and the cause of the infestation) will help if the customer is getting multiple estimates
  • Leaving behind a basic diagram and writing neatly  goes a long way in representing you and your company
  • Remember:  some of  your customers may label this as a traumatic event,  so show a little empathy

Leaving behind estimate sheets is not  “giving away” the job to a competitor;  if you did your best and you didn’t get  the job, follow up to find out why so it helps you get the next one!

Templates for a Rodent Estimate Sheet are available at  Simply insert your logo and you’re ready to go!

Happy Selling!

James Rodriguez

Western Territory Manager

J.T. Eaton Co., Inc.