We have a lot to learn about spider silk–as we start applying its practical uses it will help humanity in many ways.  We’ll have better airplanes, amazing devices for the medical field, stronger bullet-proof vests for our officers and super high tensile strength rope to name just a few.

Whatever the uses may be in the near the future it will still not prevent us from doing the notorious “web dance” when we walk through a spider’s web.  You know the dance; the one that looks like we were peppered sprayed in the face, with arms flying everywhere, or like the Elaine Dance from Seinfeld!

Our reaction to the webs of spiders, and seeing spider webs around a home, evokes fear in most people.  As pest control professionals we must respond to spider calls as equal part psychologist and technician. Most spider mouth parts can’t penetrate skin and a spider’s venom takes around 14 day to regenerate so if we’re not prey to a spider its likely to run and hide.  Just remember that a little empathy and compassion goes a long way when dealing with this fear from our customers.

Ask any spider expert how to control spiders in a residential or commercial structure and the common reply is web-removal.  This said, every truck should have a web duster as part of their IPM equipment.  Not only do you make the property you service look instantly better, you lower the chances of re-infestation, so it’s a win/win.

Here are some tips on using a web duster:

  1. Always spin a web duster to capture the web rather than sweep; this captures the entire web and prolongs the life of the duster
  2. Choose a yellow duster head;  this allows your customers to see the results after web dusting
  3. Have a clean stand-by for inside services
  4. Buy one for your good customers, it’s a great gift that will help your IPM program year- round

James Rodriguez, Territory Manager

J.T. Eaton Co., Inc.

(818) 640-4587