Rodent Bait Station Safety: Soil

By James Rodriguez • Territory Manager, J.T. Eaton & Co., Inc.

You wouldn’t leave a bottle of pesticide on someone’s porch, right? Not securing your bait stations appropriately for their environment is doing just that: It’s the equivalent of leaving a pesticide where someone or something other than a rodent can gain access to it.

There’s a wide variety of stations designed to provide protection from non-targets; however, the stations are only as good as the anchor holding it to the ground. Knowing the different type of anchors can help prevent bait station movement, and limit your liability.

  • A bait station with a block attached to it allows for the station to be moved with minimal strength, and it’s not secured to the ground.
  • Securing stations with large railroad spike prevents lateral movement, but it allows for upward movement/removal with minimal strength.

The best anchors for soil are the cable stakes. The Earth Anchor™ (Item No. 913)  is a cable anchor idea that comes from tent and tree anchoring systems and requires a great deal of force to get them out of the ground once installed, because of the pivoting head. They’re ideal for securing your stations in high traffic areas and especially public places.

No one ever wants to get “The Call” that their bait station is somewhere it shouldn’t be. Securing it to the ground will give you a good sense of security that you’ll never get that call!

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