Why zendozone fruit fly traps? 

Design for your CLIENT’s zone: Bulk-pack succulents come in white or terracotta colored base options. 

Hassle-free maintenance: Cleaning the traps and replacing the ZendoLure are a breeze, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for ongoing fruit fly control. 

Cost-effective: Bulk-pack ZendoZone fruit fly traps are packaged 12 per case for your convenience. 

*ZendoLure not included with bulk-packs 


How Can ZendoZone Fruit Fly Traps Benefit Your Client?

Enhanced Hygiene: Keep your client’s zones fruit fly-free, promoting a cleaner environment. 

Increased productivity: Minimize distractions caused by fruit flies to focus on what matters most. 

Professional image: Demonstrate your commitment to cleanliness and customer satisfaction by maintaining a pest-free establishment.