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I use Jawz traps in a device I call "Trapageddon." It's a Dollar Store hanger, with three Jawz traps secured to it with Gorilla Tape. We place them all along the bottom of our garage door at our cabin, as well as inside. When we return to enjoy the cabin, we simply pick up the hangers, release any expired mice, and hang out of the way until we're ready to leave. Thankfully, we've had no mice yet in the cabin, but caught dozens and dozens in our old RV using this method. It's a great way

i bought your jawz mousetraps about a week ago at my local hardware store for less than 5 bucks for a pack of two, since buying them i have successfully eliminated over 10 mice from my house and garage/chicken coup area all thanks to your awesone product ...i live in the country in central NY, your product is worth every penny, i will be purchasing more traps later this week. Thank you for such an awesome product. Adam Benson

Love your traps. I had four mice in my garage. The first day a caught two and then one each the next two days. They can't resist a little peanut butter.

These traps are great and I was surprised to find this in my barn. Thought you would enjoy this. Dave S.

Rat & Mouse Glue Traps At first I thought the mice were just too smart for the glue traps. After two weeks our friendly foe kept walking around the trap. So I dabbed a little bit of Skippy Peanut Butter in the center and it did the trick. Actually witnessed the mouse get stuck in the glue. 30 minutes later in another trap caught another one of our pals. Haven't seen a mouse since. Jack

When they think they can sneak through....not a chance with JAWZ!!!!

I bought the Jawz mouse traps from Menards and caught a VOLE in it this spring. I love your traps, as you can see, I got a Chipmunk today! Thanks for making such a great product! Sandy - Bartlett, IL

I had some very clever mice in my house in Lakewood Ohio, I had gone to Home Depot and tried 5 different traps for mice and they did not capture them matter of fact they even licked the peanut butter off the trigger of these traps and would not go in the bait traps even the sticky one they escaped from. I thought that I must be in the twilight zone until I found your little BIGFOOT MOUSE TRAP AT Drugmart and I WAS ABLE TO GET ALL 6 OF THEM!! No more mice!! Thanks for making the best mouse tr

My first time trying Jawz traps, and I've got to say I was skeptical at first. But within 15 minutes of setting the traps, I caught 2 mice! Great product at an affordable price!!!! Thank you Jawz!

I saw mouse droppings in my laundry room yesterday, put out a trap and caught one within a couple of hours. Re-baited the trap and this morning this is what I got. I'm 70+ years old and this is the first time I've ever seen two mice caught in one trap. -James

The J.T. Eaton humane mouse trap may be one of the best investments I've ever made! I set it in my chicken coop last night with some pieces from an ear of corn. When I checked it this morning I was blown away. The trap was FULL of mice! I counted 30 mice. When I set it out a couple nights later I caught 9 more! It's an awesome product that works and is affordable. -Chelsie Yucca Valley, CA

On the job and catching chipmunks in a timely and CLEAN way. Easy to RELEASE and get back to the job at hand...YOU'VE GOT MY VOTE Marilyn - Green Bay, WI

Used your rat trap\'s for over a year with great success on chipmunks get a mouse once in a while. The only time I have to replace a trap is when a squirrel take\'s off with it. With winter coming mice are looking for warmer quarters so picked up some of the Jawz mouse traps for the attic. I know some people might be offended by trapping chipmunks but they can do as much damage if not more than mice and rats Dave - Wis

I prefer to use live-traps & release, but they just don\'t keep up with our autumn mouse invasions. I bought 2 JAWS mouse traps yesterday at Menards,the idea of having anxiety-free trap setting that spares your fingers was quite intriguing! So quick & easy to set. Worked well & no messy cleanup. Most awesome mousetrap ever! Thank you for marketing them!

Your JAWZ mouse traps are awesome. Finally, someone actually built a better mouse trap!

Awesome mouse traps! Thank you for engineering a great product at a reasonable price.
Jim - Angola, IN

I don't know how they managed this but your mouse traps are teriffic . Den - Caledonia, MI

I was so impressed with the two mice in one trap today till I looked at your testimonials and found that happened a lot. Plus was topped by two snake captures and three rats in one trap Ihave recommended your traps and given them to friends. They are the best ever

Thought we would share this with your company. Yesterday we noticed something in our mouse trap and it wasn't a mouse. A pine snake had made it's way into our garage and found itself caught in the JAWZ!
Jeff & Jane Ogema, WI

These mouse traps really are better! These traps were only a short distance apart. As you can see, I bait them with sunflower seeds.
Joanne - Manistee, MI

Last night we caught that pesky mouse in your Jawz mouse trap. I will be purchasing more Jawz as it eliminates the harrowing experience of trying to set the old regular traps without catching your fingers! Once again, thanks!
Carole - Frankford, DE

We caught 16 mice in one trap on the first night! Awesome product! Thank you!

We heard a noise at night in our bedroom that we finally located to a floor vent. My brother suggested the sticky traps which we have had success with before. My husband wired the trap and tied it to the vent cover and stuck it down the venting shaft. The next morning we found this bat on the plate. -Cheryl – Washington State

This has not been photoshopped. I discovered this scene in one of your traps set in my woodshed. They are 3 young rats who definitely won't worry us anymore. Tony - New Zealand

Gotta luv your mouse traps- not only are they strong, durable and easy to use but I've just caught TWO at once! We have a mouse plague at the moment but as this rate I'll have them under control soon! Nanette Australia

During a recent trip to a hardware show in Orlando, Florida, Brad Kirch of Kirch Hardware here on Main Street, Camden, entered a drawing sponsored by J.T. Eaton to introduce the new line of Big Foot Rat and Mouse Traps with the prize being a six-foot statue of Big Foot. Brad won, Big Foot was delivered to the Queen Village and has now taken up residency in the hardware's front display window. (Queen Central News, Camden, N.Y., 3/24/14)

Mice had damaged all our vehicles overnight, and this trap works like NO others. These traps have been put out by other brands, but your brand is the only one that works and gives a positive kill 99% of the time, while not falling apart. Bottom line is that your trap Jaws is the best to date. Bob - Oregon

Country mouse caught on JT Eaton glue board! A picture is worth a thousand words. Austin - Florida

Got two at a time! Gotta love it! These traps are awesome! Tim - Toledo, OH

I just used your mouse glue trap this morning here in rural Colorado and it worked like a charm. The thing is I freed the little mouse in the woods a good ways from our house by just using (like you recommended) a little vegetable oil on the glue pad. I think you ought to market your glue trap as "humane" by telling folks that they have the option of freeing the little critters if they want to.


G. Pitter - Laporte, CO

All I can say is, it is the best mouse trap I've ever used in my life time! Those old wood mouse traps with the wire spring are hard to set. Your mouse trap is so easy, my wife even likes using them. Add few drops of the luring mouse scent and squeeze to set them, and you're done. Thanks again for a wonderful mouse traps! Please see the attached pictures of one mouse caught by two of your traps at one time.

Rick - Wilton, IA

"Two for One" - Thought you'd like to see how good your traps are!

Robert - N. Attleboro, MA

I went out to my trailer yesterday to put something away and I saw a mouse caught by TWO of your Jawz traps.
As I can figure it got its tail and backside snapped in one trap and drug it around until it decided to try another snack in another trap. Snap!

Thank you! - Jacki

I have been using your mouse trap JAWZ for the past few months. Just a great product. Easy to set, always does it job and reusable. Thanks so much.

Hank - Cranston, RI

I have used many different mouse traps over the years but have never caught three mice at once in the same trap. When I checked my traps in the morning I thought I caught a large mouse until I looked closer and realized there were THREE mice in the Jawz! I wanted to share my story and picture with you and let you know that I recommend your mouse trap to everyone I know.

Thanks for a great product. - Jaden

I bought some of your mouse traps a few years ago but misplaced them. I had never tried JT Eaton brand before.
I found them a few days ago and set one in my car with some peanut butter and to my surprise the next day my problem was solved...

Thanks! - Jim

A new use for the mouse trap...A Sidewinder snake was caught in this trap behind our television today!

Diane - St George, UT

This was taken in a back room of a business that had tried a wide variety of poisons and other traps with limited success.
It's my answer to the question 'They are reasonably priced but do they work???'

Jim - Minneapolis

I've never seen two birds killed with one stone, but I have seen two mice killed with one trap!

Chad - Cleveland, OH