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SuperStrongbox New & Improved!

NEW & IMPROVED! SELF-CONTAINED WEIGHTED BASE THAT WILL NOT CRACK OR CRUMBLE WITH REPEATED USE  VERTICAL BAIT RODS NOW PRE-ATTACHED TO TRAY Easy-to-open locking mechanism with metal key  Lock moved to side of bait station  Heavy-duty, tamper-resistant galvanized steel  Black powder coating for extra durability  Option for horizontal bait rod         3 [...]

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All New From JT Eaton!

 Check Out the Latest in Pest Management Products  Bait Blocks for Rodents and Ticks   Kills listed rodents and their black-legged ticks. Bait contains a rodenticide to kill the listed rodent and an insecticide to kill black-legged ticks on the rodent.  Active ingredient Warfarin 0.025% Active ingredient Fipronil 0.005%            CLICK HERE [...]

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  Introducing our new safety green powder coating that keep your traps safe and easy to spot.  Little Pete® SKU: 423-SAFETEE   • Catches 7–9 live mice  • 55% narrower than standard Multiple Catch Mouse Traps  • Thick gauge metal won’t dent easily  • Fits in tight spots for more placement opportunities  • Great for High [...]

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Top Loader Bait Station

The Top Loader Bait Station is a remarkable device-- the success Pest Management Professionals are having with it is truly amazing! The versatility of the Top Loader: small footprint, a myriad of time-saving mounting options, and bait versatility-- no other station compares! We should add that Commercial Account Managers have found the Top Loader ideal [...]

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Bait Station Anchoring

Bait Station Anchoring Recently I was at a restaurant and found a bait station exposed out in the open and I was a bit disappointed. I put it back in its place next to the building and called the company; not to berate them but to remind them that cable anchors would have a been [...]

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Rodent Control Tidbits

Posted on October 10, 2011 by azppo Rodent Control Tidbits In sports and in the workplace we need to know something about the competition to gain the edge. The same is true for rodent control. The more we know, the better we are at solving problems for our customers–whether it’s a large commercial facility or [...]

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Rodent Bait Station Safety: Soil

Rodent Bait Station Safety: Soil By James Rodriguez • Territory Manager, J.T. Eaton & Co., Inc. You wouldn't leave a bottle of pesticide on someone's porch, right? Not securing your bait stations appropriately for their environment is doing just that: It's the equivalent of leaving a pesticide where someone or something other than a rodent [...]

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